Apple Patent Watch

Η Apple εφευρίσκει και ξαναεφευρίσκει συνεχώς. Σε αυτή την πατέντα μπορούμε να δούμε την Apple να παρουσιάζει μια καινούρια τεχνολογία που μπορεί να τοποθετήσει την Apple στην αγορά της ψηφιακής φωτογραφίας και κάτι ακόμα που κάνει το iPod nano ακόμα πιο μικρό.

Patently Apple tells us about the next wave of digital camera technologies, tiny Apple-invented camera unit with an advanced flash system and amazing built-in intelligent features which can make the system incredibly effective in so many different situations.

Think scene detectors, flash redirectors and more. This also means you’ll be able to choose telephoto settings, wide-angle settings and detail shots. These technologies could also end up inside your Macs, the patent explains. The great thing is that as well as being extremely advanced they are also extremely frugal in terms of power.

Does this mean the future of FaceTime is almost professional quality video conversations between users on many devices, I wonder?

The second report tells us Apple is working on a new Audio Jack using pogo pins to provide conductive contacts in an effort to meet the needs of ever shrinking devices.

See, Apple’s quest for minituarization demands the device become ever more discreet. And these days the company can foresee the size of the audio jack is beginnig to dictate the size of the device. So, in essence the new patent means the future of the iPod nano is, well, a whole heap more nano (or less).

via 9to5mac