iTunes 9 removes previous firmware IPSWs

Το iTunes 9 εμφανίζεται επιθετικό έναντι στα  firmware downgrades!

Σύμφωνα το  ερκετοί χρήστες έχουν παρατηρήσει ότι από την στιγμή που συνδέσουν την συσκευή τους, το  iTunes 9 διαγράφει όλα τα παλαιά  firmware .IPSWκρατώντας μόνο την τελευταία version:

iTunes 9 is a little more aggressive about firmware downgrades. People have noticed that the moment you connect a device, iTunes 9 will remove all but the most recent firmware IPSWs from its cache of firmwares. It will do this even if you aren’t planning to update or restore. Previously, it had let them remain and you could Option-Restore (Mac) or Shift-Restore (Windows) to them.


This is currently only a minor inconvenience though because iTunes won’t go outside of its Library to hunt down and remove these IPSWs (it could easily do this using Apple’s Spotlight technology). But now is a good time to copy all your previous IPSWs out of the iTunes Library over to somewhere a bit more permanent. On a Mac, the caches are at ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates and~/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates. You’ll still be able to Option- and Shift-Restore to them in their new locations.

If you’ve already connected a device to iTunes 9, your older IPSWs may still be in your Trash, so copy them from there.


1. Right now this is looking like a Mac-only behavior
2. The auto-removal may also depend on whether you’ve downloaded (even if you haven’t installed) the 3.1 update