iPhone Navigation App Comparison Chart

Μια σύγκριση για τις εφαρμογές GPS

Comparison chart by Matthew Morley (MaFt), Mike Alder, Darren Griffin & Mike Barrett

When OS3.0 was released for the iPhone earlier in the year Turn by Turn Navigation apps were finally allowed by Apple’s sometimes very restrictive rules. Since then, a steady stream of navigation apps have been appearing in the AppStore but with no demo’s or ‘lite’ versions it is rather difficult for users to make decisions about which to buy. In an aid to help iPhone users in their quest PocketGPSWorld.com have put together this comparison chart highlighting the main features of each app that is currently available. As new apps are released we aim to keep this as up to date as possible.

σύγκριση 1η

Screenshot 2009-08-22 13h 06m 22sσύγκριση 2η

Screenshot 2009-08-22 13h 06m 47sσύγκριση 3η

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