World of Goo for iPhone!

Το World of Goo είναι ένα παιχνίδι παζλ-φυσικής για το Mac και το PC  τώρα έρχεται και στο iPhone και iPod touch!


According to Craig Harris of IGN, who, on the Nintendo teams’ weekly podcast, mentioned that World of Goo is coming to iPhone. Let’s hope he’s right because it would be a guaranteed hit.

World of Goo is a physics based puzzle game for the PC and Mac and has recently been added to the Wii through the WiiWare channel. The game sees you creating large structures from balls of living goo. The reason for this is to arrange the structure so it reaches a pipe, which is the level exit, while avoiding various obstacles in your way… only once this done can the goo balls escape. The visual style is a perfect fit for the iphone, as well as replicating the Wii controls with touch gestures.

We’re awaiting official confirmation but until then check out a clip of the game in action on Wii, and cross you fingers that this game will see eventual release on our beloved jesus-phone.