iH8sn0w creates sn0wbreeze website


Ο iH8sn0w έφτιαξε ένα καινούριο site για το sn0wbreeze που μπορείτε να δείτε μέσα την ημερομηνία που θα βγεί το sn0wbreeze, 12 Οκτωβρίου και τα παρακάτω FAQs

ETA: October 12 (May be delayed if necessary!)


1) What is sn0wbreeze?
sn0wbreeze is a port of PwnageTool to Windows, which was originally made for Mac OS X. 
2) Is sn0wbreeze a unlock for the Baseband 5.11.07???

3) What devices does sn0wbreeze work for?

The iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G[S] (Only if Jailbroken on 3.0), iPod Touch 1G, and iPod Touch 2G. 
4) Will this jailbreak the 3G[S] running 3.1 (Out of the box)?

No, However! GeoHot did start a new project called “blackra1n” –> http://blackra1n.com
5) Will this Jailbreak the iPod Touch 2G running 3.1 (Out of the Box)?

6) Will sn0wbreeze Upgrade My Baseband?

No, infact, sn0wbreeze Will NOT even give you the option to permit a baseband upgrade!
7) What does sn0wbreeze exactly do?

sn0wbreeze will create a Custom IPSW for your device, used to restore with iTunes. sn0wbreeze can customize your ipsw, to have the Partition Size, (How much space you can have reserved for Cydia), Hacktivation Option, Custom Boot/Recovery Images, and more to come!
8) Will this be For Mac/Linux Too?
There is already a Mac Version called “PwnageTool” (Which we are porting), and Why should there be a linux version? Theres no Linux iTunes! Damn Apple!
9) I’m Jailbroken on 3.0.1 by using redsn0w. Will sn0wbreeze work for me if I go to 3.1? Will I keep all of my Apps?
Yes, sn0wbreeze will upgrade you to 3.1 (Jailbroken), but, unfortunatly, when restoring it has to format everything because it has to re-partition the Phone (So you will need to re-install all your Apps).
10) Can I still use Unauthorized Internet Tethering on 3.1? (e.g AT&T)
You cannot use unauthorized Internet Tethering on 3.1, unless it is approved by your carrier. You can use third party software, such as: iModem when it is jailbroken!