Progress Update (iPod touch 3G)

Για εσάς που περιμένετε το jailbreak του καινούριου iPod touch διαβάστε παρακάτω!

For those that are following our twitter, you probably already know this, but for all the others I thought I would post an “official” progress update here. Again, some of this is old news to some people.

First of all, we have tested the greenpois0n exploit on the iPod touch 3G, and it works still :)

Just to have a little bit of fun and to show something to prove that it is actually executing our code and not just crashing, I wrote a teeny payload that copied and image to the device’s framebuffer, and tweeted it the other day.


We are hard at work right now, so sit tight. We plan for the final product to be a program that will not even require the device to be put in DFU, just recovery mode, and it can do that automatically if you plug in a device that is not yet in recovery mode. It will then do on-the-fly patching of the current running iBoot / iBEC / iBSS, decrypt and patch the LLB, iBoot, and DeviceTree in NOR, then reflash them. After this, it will load the kernel from the fs, decrypt and patch it, then use it to boot a very small ramdisk to perform the jailbreak steps that need to be done at filesystem level.

Again, hang tight, it will be worth it :)

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