Apple explores iPhone file transfer during call

Η Apple εξερευνεί την δυνατότητα μεταφοράς αρχείων σε μια κλήση, από το άτομο που έκανε την κλήση προς αυτόν που την δέχτηκε και αντίστροφα. Οι πληροφορίες αυτές έρχονται απο μια καινούρια πατέντα της.

According to AppleInsider the patent filing contains descriptions for sending text messages, e-mails, contacts, documents and more to a caller while two phones have established a voice connection.

In the patent entitled, “Auto Messaging to Currently Connected Caller”, Apple explains the current situation…

“While a user of a mobile device is using telephony services, the user may want to send a message or a file to another part. To send this information, the user may have to disconnect the call, and then perform a lookup of the caller’s contact information prior to being able to send the message or file. This multi-step process can be tedious for the user.”

Apple’s solution involves a user interface that provides messaging capabilities while on a call. It would automatically detect the callers’ details and send the information accordingly.

via iClarified