MobileLog v3.0 Released for iPhone OS 3.0

Έγινε αναβάθμιση του MobileLog (iLog) για iPhone και δουλεύει με την έκδοση 3.0.

MobileLog for iPhone (iLog) has been updated with performance improvements and support for iPhone OS 3.0

The release contains the following changes:
1. [Recents] Performance improvements for recent calls loading;
2. [Recents] Smooth calls scrolling;
3. [Recents] Totals show now total duration of calls;
4. [Recents] Possibility to disable showing number of called person;
5. [Recents] When “Call on Tap” is enable now it is easy to get Calls Details by clicking “arrow” on the left
6. [Recents] Deleting of the number now works faster and did not go list to the top
7. [Recents] Fixed few bugs for “Replace Recents” option
8. [Notifications] Fixed problem with “SMS” Notification
9. [Messages] Solved “Delete message” malfunction.
10. [General] Russian localization
11. [Modules] Russian localization