iPhone Dev-Team 3.0 Jailbreak Update

Η iPhone Dev-Team μας δίνει πληροφορίες σχετικά με το jailbreak του firmware 3.0 που περιμένουμε αργότερα σήμερα.

The iPhone Dev-Team has posted an update regarding the 3.0 jailbreak expected later today.

They have been working to resolve two issues with the 3.0 firmware.

1. There are new 3.0 complications with YouTube.app if you’re on a hacktivated (unofficially activated) device
2. There’s a bug in Apple’s new version of asr that our custom IPSW’s are tickling and causing crashes on, on some devices. (For the nerdy or curious among us, the details of that bug were tweeted by planetbeing a month ago.)

* As of Thursday morning we now have a workaround for #2. For #1, we’ll try our best to get it fixed but we may end up releasing a preliminary jailbreak in which YouTube doesn’t work for hacktivated devices, and then follow that up with a more complete jailbreak when we can.

via iPhone Dev Blog