Are you really Sirius? Streaming radio iPhone app expected this week

Πρίν λίγα λεπτά το tuaw δημοσίευσε την παρακάτω είδηση!


In what may be one of the great anti-climax stories of all time, it looks like Sirius/XM is finally releasing an iPhone/iPod touch app this week, probably on the 18th.

Subscribers who asked about the app are getting the following email… apparently Sirius support team members are paid! by the exclamation point!
Thank you for contacting SIRIUS regarding whether or not there is a SIRIUS iPhone application available. We are here to help! We appreciate the time you have taken to contact us in regards to this matter! We are happy to inform you that beginning June 18th a SIRIUS Internet Radio application will be available at the Apple iTunes App-Store for the iPhone and the iPod Touch! All Premium SIRIUS Internet Radio subscribers will be able to download the application from the Apple iTunes App-Store for free on their device and access the service at no additional cost! Subscribers who are listening to the Basic Online Service for free must first upgrade to the Premium Online Service for $2.99 per month to access the application on the iPhone or iPod Touch.
It’s been a long and tortured road getting here. Competing players were stopped dead by Apple, and the Sirius player has been talked about ever since the iPhone came out. A couple of weeks ago we reported the app would appear ‘real soon’ and now it looks like this is the week.

No word as yet on how many channels will play on the app, but this is a highly anticipated release. We hope it’s fully compatible with iPhone 3.0.

Ίσως με την άφιξη του iPhone firmware 3.0 που περιμένουμε το AppStore να γεμίσει με διάφορες εφαρμογές που δεν περιμέναμε καν!