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2XL Supercross
2XL Games, Inc.

Category: Games
Price: $7.99
Released: Apr 01, 2009
Size: 67.2 MB
Seller: 2XL Games, Inc.
Added to Appulo.us: Apr 9, 2009
Latest version: 1.0

Βγάλτε τον μηχανόβιο που έχετε μέσα σας, χωρίς να κινδυνέψετε! Δοκιμάστε τα πιο τρελά άλματα με supercross μηχανές!



Bury the competition as you ride like a pro! Discover secret jump combinations within each track as you master the physics of motocross in this high-speed racing adventure.

“2XL Supercross” is an all-new offroad racing experience from the creative team that brought you such popular hits as: Motocross Madness, ATV Offroad Fury and MX Unleashed.

This rhythm-based racing game is easy to pick up and play, but its ever-increasing challenges will keep you in the zone for hours. Blitz your way through carefully crafted doubles, triples and treacherous whoops on custom tracks designed by Motocross champion Stephane Roncada.

You won’t believe what you’re playing in the palm of your hand! “2XL Supercross” features liquid-color graphics, fully interactive 3D physics, surround sound, authentic engine recordings, particle effects, projected shadows and lighting.

Create an account on the 2XL Live server and see how your times rank world wide! Share your game with friends by creating up to five independent profiles on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

See the trailer at: www.2xlgames.com/supercross

Key Features:
– Supercross and Freestyle tracks designed by Motocross champion Stephane Roncada
– 3 modes of play: Time Trials, Practice and Racing
– Ride 125cc, 250cc and 450cc bikes
– Select your appearance from hundreds of different bike and rider combinations
– Automatically adjusts number of opponents for optimal performance on your device
– 4 camera views including first person with handle bars
– Select from 8 preset control schemes
– Responsive tilt steering interface with tunable sensitivities
– Adjustable level of difficulty
– Statistics tracking with web-based community and rankings
– Comprehensive in game help