Yell0w Fever


Απο το site της iPhone Dev Team.

These are very exciting days ahead! WWDC, the new 3.0 firmware, the new iPhone2,1 device. All in the span of a month or two. Nobody is more excited than we are 🙂

Unfortunately, there are predators out there that are counting on your over-exuberance. Maybe we should call it yell0w fever. One very recent example is a certain yellowsn0w221 page on Do not download anything from that page if you’re on a PC, else you’ll be infected with a virus. The page talks and talks about a supposed Firmware 2.2.1 yellowsn0w exploit, but it’s all a ruse to get you to download and infect your PC.

We’re used to (though still aren’t happy about) less predatory websites, like That site (1) is not us. We don’t consult with them in any way (2) makes money from their Google hits (they’re usually near the top) (3) sometimes gives very very bad advice (like tweeting yellowsn0w users to use QuickPwn on 3.0 betas. Bad suggestion). (4) also owns, another money making website.

The wordpress page, though, is at another level. It’s out to 0wn your PC for spamming purposes. Please be on the lookout for any pages that mention “dev team” news that you don’t actually see on this blog first. We are very good at not leaking sensitive info (since that really wrecks this whole “cat&mouse” thing). So no blog or forum or youtube page would have any “insider” dev team knowledge that you won’t see announced here first.


About the unlock (the real yellowsn0w): you all paid lots of money for your iPhones, and so we know that if you are depending on a software unlock, this is a sensitive issue. It’s a very sensitive issue to us too, which is why we can’t say or release anything prematurely that could potentially compromise any 3.0 software unlock. The commenters on this blog that have high ratings (20 or above) understand this intimately so please listen to them when they try to assist those waiting for any unlock 🙂