Stereo Bluetooth 2.0 on iPhone 3.0?

Φήμες ακούγονται για Stereo Bluetooth 2.0 στο επόμενο μοντέλο iPhone που περιμένουμε! Θα έχουμε δηλαδή την δυνατότητα να ακούμε μουσική από τα bluetooth ακουστικά μας χωρίς καλώδια μάλλον καίρος ήταν, αρκετά κόψαμε μέχρι σήμερα!

The iPhone 3 rumormill is in hyperdrive right now but one feature that has been left largely uncovered is the new iPhone’s use of Bluetooth 2.0. It isn’t just the new iPhone either, both second generation iPhone and iPod will also recieve the software update to allow them to use Bluetooth 2.0.

The iPhone’s new SDK will allow developers to do a lot with the new Bluetooth interface. You’ll be able to transfer contacts as well as files and play games via the interface. You’ll likely be able to print and fax from the iPhone wirelessly as well. Of course, you’ll also be able to tether your MacBook using Bluetooth to use the Internet as well.

But the most appealing feature of Bluetooth 2.x is the A2DP stereo Bluetooth. This will allow you to use stereo Bluetooth headsets with your iPhone for both calling (via Skype too!) and just listening to your iPhone around the house without a cord. It will also work with compatible car stereos.

We’ve put it into practice with the Plantronics 590E headset and are really enjoying the quality of the digital sound as well as the freedom to not be tethered via a white cord to our own pockets. If you get a call you can switch over to the just like you can with the white headphones. Below you can see how the interface works in iTunes.

via ninetofivemac