Apple Finishes Push Notification Beta Tests for iPhone 3.0

Η Apple τελείωσε με τις διάφορες δοκιμές της πάνω σε ότι αφορά το Push Notification.


Confession: We received reports of this going back last week, but kinda thought it was known the tests were for a limited time (originally scheduled for a week, if memory serves). MacRumors, however, reminds us not to take such things for granted.

So, yep, Apple has completed the pre-WWDC beta testing for Push Notification. Is it enough to make sure the audacious system is as bullet proof as possible, given the severe problems MobileMe’s launch suffered last year?

Hey, we’re just happy Apple did some outside testing at all. (Baby steps and all that). If it turns out they need it, we hope they come back for a second round. As many rounds as it takes, actually. Push Notification has to “just work” at launch.

via Macrumors & iClarified