Flash for iPhone?

Μερικοί από εσάς γνωρίζεται το iMobileCinema που για την ώρα είναι ο μοναδικός τρόπος να δούμε flash sites με το iPhone. Μιά νέα αναβάθμιση του iMobileCinema σας περιμένει με τις παρακάτω βελτιώσεις!

Την αναβάθμιση μπορείτε να την βρείτε σε Icy ή Cydia (μόνο για jailbroken iPhone)


Today they released a new update for iMobileCinema, the plugin for Safari that allows you to view some Flash videos directly from the internet. Here is what has change:

They have optimized the video decoder

They improved the hardware acceleration on the audio decoder

Eliminated operations on flash memory structure

Fix several bugs

The developers are also aware that other sites have changed the encoding of video in short there will be a new update that re-add support to many sites which now no longer work. Simultaneously updating iMobileCinema will also update the Toggle to SBSettings which probably suited to support the new version of the application