McAfee and Symantec making iPhone Virus/Security software?


Πάει καιρός από τότε που τρέχαμε anti-virus στα Mac μας. Τα περισσότερα software για anti-virus απλά είτε είχαν πολλά προβλήματα ή κάνανε τα μηχανήματα μας να σέρνονται..

Sorry παιδιά.. δεν υπάρχουν ιοί στα Mac! Τώρα γιατί θέλουν να φτιάξουν anti-virus για το iPhone o Θεός και η ψυχή τους…

It has been awhile since we’ve run antivirus software on our Macs. Most Mac antivirus software has traditionally been buggy or slowed our machines to a crawl. That’s not to say that we’re complacent on security issues. In fact, we have ClamAV sitting in our applications folder ‘just in case’. We’re probably not alone in this sense.
McAfee and Symantec are taking the unnecessary protection one step further by readying security software for the iPhone. We’re not sure what specific advantages this software would provide as there hasn’t even been a proof of concept iPhone virus yet and Apple already allows you to adjust security settings on the iPhone. Furthermore, the API’s probably won’t allow the low level access that these types of applications traditionally require. (Last year a fake version of McAfee also came out for Jailbroken iPhones – see image)
We don’t really feel the need. With Android Linux hitting photo frames, perhaps antivirus makers should focus their attention there.
Intego also released iPhone antivirus software last year. We’re not sure how well it is doing.