QuickPWN into Apple’s Webapps site


Στο site της Apple στην σελίδα που βρίσκονται τα webapps βρέθηκε το QuickPWN. Για όσους δεν το ξέρουν με το QuickPWN μπορείτε να “σπάσετε” το iPhone σας έτσι ώστε να βάλετε και άλλα προγράμματα εκτός απο αυτά του AppStore.

QuickPwn allows you to bypass Apple’s protection and install not-official programs in your iPhone and iPod touch. So what the hell is QuickPwn doing in Apple’s own web apps catalog page?

The answer may be that it is not the actual QuickPwn software, but an iPhone-specific version of a web site called QuickPwn. However, the site’s tag line is:

Download QuickPWN, jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch, games and more!

It doesn’t seem like the thing Apple would like to advertise openly.
UPDATE: It’s been pulled from the directory. The reasons for this are kind of obvious, but the QuickPWN gents think it might have been because the app was incorrectly filed under the “Games” category. They’ve re-filed under “News”, so we’ll see what happens. [Apple via TechCrunch]

via Gizmodo