Icy Relesead!


Τέλος το μυστήριο, η Ripdev για άλλη μια φορά χτυπάει με μια νέα εφαρμογή για το iPhone το λεγόμενο Icy. Δεν είναι το Cydia 2 που πολλοί νομίζατε αλλά μια εφαρμογή σαν το Cydia πολύ πιο ελαφριά και πιο γρήγορη!

What is Icy?

Icy is our take on the freeware package manager that uses APT repositories to install and remove packages available in another free iPhone installer application, Cydia. The goal was to create a fast, lightweight and more slick solution that is easy and cool to use. Icy is only at version 1.0, but we’re already working on the improvements.

Slick Interface
The whole interface was designed with three goals in mind: fast, effective, cool. You get a simple yet easy to use interface that is purely black and white; generic icons to save up on your bandwidth; stylish animated installation screens allowing you to see what exactly is happening without having to read through scrolling text gibberish. Icons used in the application were designed by the well-known artist Max Rudberg.
Watch the screencast: [link=http://ripdev.com/videos/icy-install.mov]Installation Process[/link]

Built on Open Source Foundation
Icy is built on top of the widely know open-source packaging system DPKG, the same as used in Cydia. To save up on space and efficiency, Icy is not using APT in favor of its own solution that is fully compatible with the APT repositories. Icy is also using a well-known networking library Libcurl to download repositories in a highly effective manner.

The complete Icy installation only takes a little over than 1 Mb on your device as compared to 32 Mb with Cydia. The overall interface is also engineered with lightness in mind — pure black and white themes.
See it yourself: [link=http://ripdev.com/images/icy/interface-en.jpg]Categories[/link] [link=http://ripdev.com/images/icy/install-en.jpg]Installation[/link]

Cydia Compatible
Icy is compatible with Cydia — it will use Cydia (APT) sources to fetch package info and updates, then install the packages and see the packages installed from Cydia. You no longer have to be bound to the single solution — instead, you’re free to use the one you feel more convenient at the moment.

Network Efficient
Icy is designed to consume minimum network traffic. It will never refresh sources automatically — it’s up to you to decide when you want that to happen. When checking sources it will only check file modification dates to not download the index files when they did not change since the last check. In a nutshell, Icy lets you control your network traffic.

Landscape Goodness
As set by Apple in the upcoming 3.0 firmware, Icy is following the trend and allows you to browse installed packages in landscape mode.
See it yourself: [link=http://ripdev.com/images/icy/landscape.png]Landscape mode[/link]