Linkin Park releasing iPhone apps

Οι Linkin Park θα βγάλουν μια σειρά απο εφαρμογές για το iPhone και το iPod touch αυτή την χρονιά. Η μπάντα μαζί με την Artificial Life (την εταιρία που θα φτιάξει τις εφαρμογές) σχεδιάζει να βγάζει 2 interactive εφαρμογές κάθε χρονιά για 3 χρόνια.


Linkin Park will be releasing a series of interactive applications for the iPhone and iPod touch beginning later this year. The band, along with Artificial Life, the company producing the applications, plans to release two interactive Linkin Park applications per year for three years.

“We’re really excited to start working on new ways for you guys to enjoy our music and use the latest technology to enable you to connect with each other within a Linkin Park experience” says Joe Hahn, who helped design the initial game.

Be on the look out for more information regarding the applications in the coming months.