Worms για iPhone


Η Team17 φέρνει το Worms στο iPhone.

We all know that iShoot has made Ethan Nicholas richer than God (and about a millionth as rich as Steve Jobs), and we all know that his game was heavily inspired by Team 17’s classic invertebrate artillery game, Worms.

So it’s only natural that Team17 is bringing its own original and definitive version to the iPhone.

Attentive readers will know that it first announced the game last year. Many months passed with nary a squeak from the venerable studio, but Team17 has just dropped us a line to reveal these exclusive pictures of Worms playing on an iPhone.

The good news is it looks as though we can expect a classic style of 2D Worms gameplay that makes full use of the touchscreen for controls – including a pinch ‘n’ pull zoom function.

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