AliceX το πρώτο παιχνίδι για Mac τώρα και στο iPhone


Την προηγούμενη εβδομάδα, ο Steve Capps έβγαλε ένα παιχνίδι για το iPhone με το όνομα AliceX [App Store]. Το παιχνίδι κοστίζει $1.99, αλλά, είναι βασισμένο στο πρώτο AliceX που γράφηκε για Mac. Alice: Through the Looking Glass. has documented the story behind Through the Looking Glass which started as a Lisa game.

“You’ve got to see the new game that Steve Capps wrote”, he told me while he was connecting his hard drive up to my Lisa. He booted up into the Lisa Monitor development system, which featured a character-based UI similar to UCSD Pascal, and launched a program named “Alice”. Steve Capps was the second member of the Lisa printing team, who started at Apple in September 1981. I had seen him around but not really met him yet.

The game was even featured in the original Steve Jobs Mac announcement (2min 40sec) back in January, 1984. The iPhone version of the game contains the “classic” Alice pieces as well as “hip hop” and “bush memorial” pieces. Instructions, video and a simple javascript version of the iPhone adaptation of the game is available.