Tim Cook, Phil Schiller – Αλλάζουν τιμές;

Analyst Toni Sacconaghi said in a report that COO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer hinted at iPhone price changes and new handsets. He wrote in a report this week following the interview about hints dropped by the Apple execs of possible changes to come in the future.
“Tim Cook stated that since Steve Jobs announced his leave of absence, he was spending more time on new products, how Apple could take the iPhone into new markets and examining iPhone’s business model,” said Sacconaghi, who is ranked the top computer analyst by Institutional Investor magazine.
“Several interesting tidbits point to new iPhones, potentially with different pricing/price points this year.”
Additionally, Schiler said Apple had “very exciting” plans for the iPhone this year.
They also hinted at future plans for the netbook market, saying they have some “ideas here.”